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Our Programs

One Organization. Many branches.

Our Story

Garden of Inclusion

What began 30 years ago as a small office for a few has grown into a diverse organization spanning 20+ departments in 6 locations. We embrace diverse spiritual paths, offering Jews of all affiliations a communal space. Our Lubavitch of Bucks County essence infuses each program, department, & branch with warmth and spiritual joy, tailored to individual interests. Together, we build a broader connected community, fostering love, acceptance, and judgment-free spiritual growth. 


Participant Testimonials

CTeen opened up my eyes to a different way of thinking. I used to think if you can’t do everything perfectly, you shouldn’t do it. But my rabbis taught me that it’s all about growth and doing little things every day. That mindset really helped me strive to be the best person I can be.

Andrew Belder

Thank you so much once again for all your help, your guidance and your wisdom that helped our family and Nathaniel to have the most memorable and most meaningful Bar Mitzvah!!! It would be impossible without you!!! Thank you so much!!!

Paul Mushinsky

Thank you for creating an organization that has passion, authenticity, and care. You have touched me and so many others in this community. Thank you for all that you do.


This is where I met the people I love the most, who I know will be there for me no matter what. It is where I have spent hours doing so many different things, enjoying each and every one of them. Although it may just seem like a building, it feels like home to me.

Elana Rhoge

It’s very inviting. It’s open to everybody. It doesn’t matter what your social status is or what your financial status is or what your background is. A Jew is a Jew. You’ve given us a beacon of light. Thank you.


For the first time, I learned about what it means to be a Jew. I learned about the holidays and the mitzvahs. But I think my biggest takeaway was that G-d was always watching me and I was never alone. Before Bat Mitzvah Club, I knew about G-d, but in a more general, vague way. Now it’s more personal.


Being part of the Friendship Circle has changed my perspective and made me a lot more grateful—just being a part of something larger than myself and knowing that you’re making an impact on these people. Seeing other people happy because of your actions makes you happy in the process.

Orli Friedenberg

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