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About Us

Our Story

Our Inspiration

A Garden of Inclusion and Joy

Lubavitch of Bucks County, affiliated with the global Chabad-Lubavitch movement, is rooted in the transformative teachings of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Schneerson, of blessed memory, whose profound impact reshaped the landscape of Jewish life and the spiritual experience of individuals from all walks of life. 

Central to the Rebbe’s vision was a profound inclusivity that recognized every individual, regardless of their faith, as a G-dly creation entrusted with a sacred mission to infuse the world a sense of purpose and to spread awareness of its Creator. The Rebbe’s visionary wisdom guided a movement of over 3,500 centers worldwide, each dedicated to spreading this message of hope, empowerment, and love.

Our STory

Lubavitch of Bucks County

Lubavitch of Bucks County stands as a beacon of the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s timeless wisdom, embracing individuals who seek to enhance their spiritual connection, no matter their level of observance, within a supportive, nurturing, and caring community.

Over the years, our community has expanded and so have we. What began over 30 years ago as a modest office has grown into a diverse organization spanning 20+ departments across 6 locations. Our guiding principles infuse each program, department, and branch with warmth and spiritual joy tailored to individual interests and diverse spiritual paths. Together, we build a broader, more connected community, fostering love, acceptance, and judgment-free spiritual growth.

Our Journey

Share the Growth, Invest in Futures

As we extend an invitation to join us in our ongoing journey and partner Lubavitch of Bucks County’s growth, it’s important to reflect on the three decades of remarkable progress. Together with my wife, Miriam, and our devoted partners—Rabbis Aryeh Weinstein, Mendy Lezell, Mendel Prus, Zalman Blecher, and Chaim Shemtov, and their wives Rosie, Rechama, Dassie, Chaya, and Nina—we have witnessed steady growth. And, with the incredible commitment of our local benefactors and partners, we have been able to achieve great things.

Yet, with a community population of 60,000 – and rapidly growing! – steady growth is no longer enough. We recognize the need to leap into a new phase of expansion so that we can further strengthen our ability to meet the needs of every member of our community. One that will reverberate beyond our community as a role model and inspiration for many others to follow.

Together, we can transform this vision into reality.
Please join me.

Rabbi Yehuda Shemtov,
Founder & Director Lubavitch of Bucks County
Winter Day Camp Program Begins

Formally inaugurating Lubavitch of Bucks County programming

Lubavitch of Bucks County Center Opens in Yardley, PA
Expansion of Adult Education and Community Programs

Created to meet the growing and diverse needs of the Jewish community.

Friendship Circle of Philadelphia North is Born

Providing services and programming
tailored exclusively for families with
children with special needs.

18,000 sq. ft. Space is Purchased and Renovated in the Heart of Newtown

Marking a significant endeavor to serve the growing community.

Glazier Jewish Center Opens in Newtown, PA

Serving as the headquarters for Lubavitch of Bucks County.

Camp Gan Izzy and Aleph Bet Programs Relaunch
Third Satellite Center Opens in Doylestown, PA
Lubavitch of Eastern Bucks is Founded

Servicing the Yardley, Langhorne and Washington Crossing communities.

Jewish Teen Network Outreach Program is Formed
Fourth Satellite Office Opens in Southampton, PA

Supporting the growing needs of our teen programming.

ARC Organization is Founded

Responding to the growing opioid epidemic and mental health crisis.

Construction of the State-of-the-Art Mikvah Commences
COVID Programming and Relief Services are Established

Pivoting to providing the community with online interactive programming and food deliveries for the needy.

12 Acre Swim Club Property in Northampton, PA, is Purchased

Marking the expansion of Gan Izzy Summer Day Camp and the establishment of PlayaRaya, an ultra-accessible sports and water park catering to individuals with disabilities and special needs.

Additional Properties are Purchased in Newtown, PA

Facilitating the initial expansion for hospitality accommodations and housing for Gan Izzy staff.

Winter 2024
CTeen Lounge Grand Opening
Spring 2024
Mikvah Grand Opening
Summer 2024
Friendship Circle Clubhouse
Grand Opening
Summer 2024
ARC is Launched

ARC initiates the “Be There Person” program aimed at supporting individuals dealing with mental health and addiction challenges affecting their loved ones.

Summer 2024
PlayaRaya Phase 1

Swimming pool completed.

Fall 2025
PlayaRaya Phase 2

Playscapes, basketball court and pickleball court completed.

Establishment of
Mobile Jewish Center

To serve upper Bucks County communities

Summer 2027
PlayaRaya Phase 3

Welcome Center and trails completed.