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Planned Giving

Your Legacy

We recognize that as people ponder the future, they want to ensure that Judaism’s strong values and teachings will be here for the next generation. And beyond.

At Lubavitch of Bucks County, we strive to do just that. 

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The Future of Jewish Life in Bucks County and Beyond

Since 1991, we have operated with a consistent goal: to bring Jewish people of all ages and backgrounds together to explore and experience Jewish heritage in a warm, joyful and welcoming environment. Our varied educational and social opportunities nourish and reinforce Jewish values, community and continuity.

In 2020 we introduced “Vision for the Future,” a beacon of light and growth that emerged from the dark challenges and setbacks of 2020. If that period taught us anything, it is that with a clear, forward-thinking vision, we can persevere. Lubavitch of Bucks County will continue to thrive and expand and serve as an inspiring center where future generations will be instilled with positive and powerful messages about their Jewish culture.

We invite you to join us in planning and preparing for the future of Jewish life through our Planned Giving initiative.

What is Planned Giving?

Planned Giving is the process of making a significant charitable gift that is part of a donor’s financial or estate plan. Planned gifts include bequests, trusts, and contracts between a donor and their nonprofit of choice. Many of these gifts provide financial benefits that enhance the impact of your contribution, while supporting a worthy cause.

Among the primary reasons to consider a planned gift to Lubavitch of Bucks County in your will is to be able to support building and strengthening Jewish life for the future with larger gifts than could usually be made from ordinary income, or on an ongoing basis.

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As you think about what you can do to ensure that Judaism’s strong values and teachings will be here for the next generation, know that at Lubavitch of Bucks County, we are striving to accomplish the same. And we can use your help.

To thrive and expand and continue to serve the Jewish community and create Jewish continuity, we rely on planned gifts from people like you. A planned gift, or a legacy gift, is unique because it lasts forever. It’s a way to ensure that your legacy lives on through the causes you care about most. A legacy gift to Lubavitch of Bucks County lasts and supports the vital impact on our community. Forever!

It would be my honor to meet with you to discuss legacy giving in more detail.

Rabbi Yudi Shemtov

Planned Giving

Leave Your Legacy

Secure your enduring legacy by championing the causes closest to your heart.

Remember Lubavitch of Bucks County in your bequest, will, or other giving opportunities.
Foster lasting unity, love, & connection among people of all backgrounds for generations to come.

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